Spring is a great time for jig fishing. When tipping with live bait minnows, I like to use a long-shank jig and double hook my minnows. This allows getting the hook back farther for short-biting walleyes. I like the Northland Tackle R-Z jig because it is super sharp. Even though it is a long shank, most people hook minnows through the lips, but there’s a big problem. Every time a weed or rock bumps the jig, you lose your minnow. Same when a short-biting walleye hits. Make it a weedless hook by double hooking the minnow.

Go in the mouth of the minnow with the point of the hook coming out through the gill. Bring the collar of the jig right up to the minnow’s lips and then turn and hook it from the bottom through the back. This will make sure your jig is weedless and snagless—for the most part, anyway. You’ll get those hook sets on the walleyes just trying to nibble on a half-minnow this way. It’s a great set up for shiners, sucker minnows, large fatheads or redtail, rainbow or chubs. It’s easy to do and keeps minnows on a lot longer. In fact, I’ve caught multiple fish on the same minnows. Bait is expensive and making minnows last and work hard for us is important. I like lively minnows and they actually wiggle more when double hooked in this way. I keep them in a Frabill aqua life aerated bait station and that keeps my minnows lively right up until I’m ready.

This technique means more bites and less snags and you’ll catch more fish. That’s what it’s all about. See you on the water!

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