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Minnesota angler Andy Young believes his impressive wins in bass fishing tournaments all come down to one thing: Take Chances.

Young has been fishing fulltime since 1996, and has managed to secure four "Angler of the Year" titles in Minnesota, three regional "Tournament of Champions" victories, and 1st Place at the 2014 Bassmaster Central Open on Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Texas.

He is currently focusing on fishing the 2015 Geico Bassmaster Classic and the 2015 FLW Tour.

Young attributes his successes to his ability to follow his gut instincts, and said, "If your gut instincts tell you a spot looks good, then take chances and go for it." This worked for him during the last hour of an FLW tournament on Beaver Lake recently. "I had a spot off a windy point, but something compelled me to stop at this one spot, where I caught a limit and a fish worth $10,000," he said. "This actually happens to me on a regular basis." Similar thinking led him to win the 2014 Bassmasters Central Open on Amistad lake, which qualified him for the Classic and launched his career to a higher level.

He also advises those who want to make a living bass fishing to become business and marketing savvy. "Work on being good on video, and in front of a camera," he said, as it is a reflection on the sponsors. Young said he loves the lifestyle of fishing for a living, but cautions upcoming anglers they must always be aware of marketing opportunities if they hope to secure – and retain – good sponsors.

"This has been my sole source of income for many years, and hopefully for many more to come," he said. "While it is a great lifestyle, it is also hard work, and it's important to remember, like any job, it requires competitiveness both on the water and in marketing the products that make you successful."

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