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Ranger Pro Mark Courts Respects

Veterans Through Fishing

Of all the anglers in the Ranger Boats' Pro Staff ranks, Mark Courts ranks at the top for passion and dedication to our U.S. Military Veterans
It's been a big year for Ranger Pro Mark Courts. Not only did he win the coveted award of Cabela's National Walleye Tour (NWT) Angler of the Year, but he fished alongside many U.S. Military Veterans along the way. He's made THEM the focus every day of the year. 
"I'm the lucky one, getting to do what I do," Courts said. "There are so many great folks who work and serve in our service organizations. I'm glad I get to point to them and their sacrifice every day."
Ranger Boats salutes his success and his work with our veterans.
Courts, along with Col. Scott St. Sauver, began TROLLING FOR THE TROOPS six years ago. "We want to make sure no veteran is left behind," Courts said. Their one-off event has grown each year and sparked much support creating outdoor events around the country. 
Along with developing a mental toughness, Courts attributes much of his on-water success to his Ranger 620FS.
"I would say one of the biggest advantages to my new FS-Series Ranger is the ability to be efficient," said Courts. "There's tons of storage. I try to keep really organized and with the changes to the FS this year, it definitely made a difference."
In addition to the new storage capabilities, Courts gave praise to the new hull design of the 620FS, which is designed for superior stability and straight tracking.
"I'm running the 620FS with an Evinrude G2 on the back," said Courts. "That package, by far, was the best performing boat on tour this year. Whether it was big water or making long runs, that combination was a huge success. But it comes back to efficiency on the water."  
Courts is finished with competitions for the year but is already looking forward to defending his title next year. 
"Mark's had an amazing career and has been a key part of our pro staff for many years," said Ranger Boats President Randy Hopper.  "It's great to see him have the success he's had this year on tour. He's a phenomenal angler and great representative for our brand. Knowing his work ethic, he's already busy preparing for next year." 


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